Geneva '08 Preview: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 caught hanging out

Lamborghini has released the official photos. Click here to check them out.

Though the 2008 Geneva Motor Show doesn't officially start until tomorrow, the show floor is open and it's amazing what you can find just parked out in the open. Some Geneva show-goers, for instance, have already caught the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 uncovered at Lamborghini's display. While we won't have any official info from the Raging Bull until tomorrow, reports speculate that the car's name is derived from its new 5.2L direct-inject V10 producing 560 PS (552 hp), and its four-wheel-drive system. The new engine, expected to become the Gallardo's sole motor eventually, is reportedly derived from the same V10 in the Audi RS6 Avant. The new LP560-4 is also said to be lighter than a standard Gallardo by some 20kg (44 lbs.), and features some important styling tweaks to the now five-year-old coupe.

While the exterior upgrades are minimal, once spotted they jump out at you. Up front are what appear to be new headlights, as well as a third intake or inlet that possibly directs air underneath the car. Positioned front, center and low between the two larger intakes, the new inlet adds some angles to the front end that are very reminiscent of the angular Reventon. Lamborghini has also added new vertical intakes ahead of the front wheels, though otherwise the profile remains the same except for new (and gorgeous) wheels. The largest exterior alteration is the rear end, which has been totally redone. The taillights are wider and shorter, a black grille stretches the entire expanse of the rear, and a pair of dual exhausts now exit within a black housing above a purposeful looking rear diffuser.

We'll have our own pics early tomorrow, but until then click the source to see a few more from the show floor. Thanks for the tip, Mike!


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