Fiat launching 5Hundred Cup racing series in Europe

Things are getting a little racy for the Fiat 500. With just days to go before the race-inspired 500 Abarth is unveiled in Geneva, and just weeks to go before the 500 makes its racing debut in Melbourne, comes news of a new 500 racing series to take place in Europe. Called the 5Hundred Cup, the one-make series is being organized by Speedway Communications, and looks to consist of two parallel schedules: one pan-European and one just in Italy.

An official announcement was set to take place this past Friday, but details remain sketchy, even on the series' website. What we do know is that the 5Hundred Cup won't be using actual racing versions of the 500 Abarth. (At least, not yet.) The cars will be based on the 100-hp 1.4-liter 500, tuned to produce 120 hp and stripped of 50kg of extra weight down to 880kg. Upgraded brakes and a competition roll cage will also likely form part of the package, but we'll have to get back to you when more information becomes available.

[Source: Italiaspeed]

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