New Smart ForTwo Cabrio owner files a delivery report

Back in January, ABG reader Randy dropped us a note to let us know that he and his wife had received a letter from a Smart dealer that the car they had reserved would soon be ready for delivery. Well the Oklahoma City couple picked up their new car this week and Randy sent us another message:

We just took delivery today. And we are very impressed. I live in Oklahoma City and the Smart dealer is located in Tulsa, which is about 100 miles. The drive back home was perfect. The car had no problem with keeping up with traffic, which on the turnpike speeds average 75-80mph. 80mph was not an issue to keep up. When we originally test drove the car during the tour, the cars seemed a little bouncy and jerky. Our cabrio is very solid and smooth. Top up on the highway, there is very little wind noise. Top down is stupendous. And the premium sound system ROCKS!!! All in all we couldn't be happier with our purchase. And for the days driving, after taking it on a tour to friends to show off, we averaged 44 mpg. WOOHOO! One other thing to point out, the attention the car gets is insane. I felt like I was in a parade on the highway. I have never had so many people waving and smiling and pointing. Some even snapped pictures.

Sounds like Randy is pretty pleased so far. If you've got your own story, the comments are open.

[Source: Randy in Oklahoma City]

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