New lifeform + old CO2 = new fuel source

Got too much CO 2 hanging around your place? Don't be embarrassed, it's a common problem. Now, according to this article at, genome mapper Dr. Craig Venter thinks there is a solution which will not only rid you of your old gas but also give you new fuel you can run your shuttle on. Hooray!

The idea goes something like this. Create a new life form with some of those synthetic chromosomes you have lying around and some existing lifeforms. Make billions of copies. Next, feed those suckers some of your old CO 2. Now, collect the methane gas your little critters egest. Lastly, commercialize your bio-beasties and make billions of dollars whilst saving the planet. You'll be a hero, a demi-god, maybe even potentate!

If you want to live the dream and beat the good doctor to the punch you should be forewarned that he's already got a good head start. First of all, he's a geneticist and knows all about this stuff. Second, he's got his own institute.

Give up? Well, you can always rain on the good doctors parade in our comments section.


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