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Navistar suing Ford... again

Ford and Navistar are once again going to court over the automaker's plans to develop a 4.4L diesel engine inhouse for the F-150. The original lawsuit was thrown out last June, with the judge ordering the two corporations to iron out their differences in mediation. Since no progress has been made outside the legal system, Navistar has refiled its claim. In the suit, Navistar is claiming the light-duty diesel engine violates the agreement once made between the two companies, which states that Navistar be Ford's primary supplier of oil burners. Navistar is also alleging that the 4.4L diesel that Ford's currently developing is in fact International's 4.4L Lion V8 project that cost Navistar $11 million to develop. It's hard to pinpoint how or why Navistar is so sure Ford is using the Lion project 4.4L, considering that the supplier has received no official specs of the engine from Ford.
We're not exactly Dr. Phil, but it appears that Navistar has a bone to pick with Ford. Considering the fact that Ford isn't using its long-time supplier to develop and produce its light-duty diesel engine, the Dearborn, MI automaker is none too pleased with Navistar, either. We think the judge should order Navistar's fugly new International Lonestar to take on a pair of F-450s in a concrete cage match – the winner gets the contract for the F-150 diesel engine.

[Source: Automotive News, subs. req'd]

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