Geneva '08 Preview: More Saab concept details trickling out

Details continue to trickle out the concept that Saab will unveiling in Geneva next week, although images are still restricted to the one shown above. It's now being reported that the car will be called the 9-X BioPower BioHybrid rather than the 9-1X. As previously discussed, the 9-X will run on ethanol as is the fashion in Scandinavia these days. The engine itself will probably be a 1.4L turbo which is likely to be a preview of the engine coming to the Astra next year. Again following the pattern of other recent Saab concepts, the engine will be optimized to run on ethanol with higher boost and possibly compression to yield 200hp. The design will almost certainly drawn on the Aero X and previous 9X as well as the 9-4X that we saw in Detroit. Watch this space on Monday for all the details on the new small Saab. Until then, take a look at some images of the Aero X in the gallery below.

: It was just pointed out to me that the source article actually calls the concept 9-X BioHybrid, rather than BioPower which implies that the BioPower engine is paired up with a hybrid system. That would probably be GM's mild hybrid setup since the Two-Mode would probably be too large to fit in what is supposed to be a small car.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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