Ford one of the ten most toxic companies?

We genuinely like the Ford Escape Hybrid, which was the first true hybrid SUV. But, the fact that the F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the world hurts Ford when it comes to the overall fleet fuel economy. Like every automaker, Ford is quick to tout its own green efforts, like when they installed a green roof on their Dearborn plant. Unfortunately, that plant produces the F-150 truck, so the vehicles coming out of the factory are hardly shining beacons of eco-friendliness. For this reason and a few others, Ford made it onto Condé Nast Portfolio's list of the "Toxic Ten" companies. These companies were not chosen simply based on their harmfulness to the environment, but also on what they could be doing, but aren't, to fix the problems that they do have.

[Source: Condé Nast Portfolio via Motor Authority and Grist]

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