There's a fine line that often gets crossed when kids take up political causes. Sometimes, kids make great spokespeople (I suggest checking out 8-year-old Carrick's interview with Darth Vader and the Biodiesel Ambassadors for two examples of this). Other times, watching kids talk about the environment can be slightly painful. You can see what I'm talking about - and see if you agree - in the videos after the break. The clips were shot at the Chevy Rocks the Future / Jonas Brothers event earlier this month and include stars from "Hannah Montana," "Desperate Housewives," "High School Musical" and a lot of other media properties. I'll admit right now that I wouldn't recognize and of these tykes if they were performing right in front of me, so I'm certainly not the target audience here. If the kids aren't enough for you, you can also see Wayne Brady, Kathy Ireland, and Luke Perry interviewed about their green hopes. Watch 'em all after the break.

[Source: I Got Shotgun, suggested by Doug W]

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