BFO Motorcycles plans to offer a streetfighter kit for the Hayabusa

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There are few thrills in motorcycling that compare with the sensation of pinning the throttle wide-open on a liter-class sportbike and hanging on for dear life. Of course, there are also a few inherent problems with this operation, though, and one of them is losing control. Another is the cost of replacement body parts (those of the bike, not yours!). And so the streetfighter was born, with owners of sportbikes choosing to remove their damaged plastic bodywork instead of replacing it. As with many trends, a small but fanatical industry has sprouted up to offer ready-made bikes which mimic the streetfighter look. The Suzuki Hayabusa is a prime candidate to get the streetfighter treatment, and BFO Motorcycles has decided to offer a limited run of 100 frame kits for the Japanese falcon-bike. Oddly, the kit also will include a carbon-fiber fairing, making it a true streetfighter in name only. Regardless of what BFO considers this bike, we think that the rendering looks awesome and we can't wait to see one of these in the real world.

[Source: BFO Motorcycles via Motorcycle News]

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