V12 Vantage RS: Aston names color, considers production

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Reactions to the Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS concept were all but universally the same across the motoring press: awesome car, strange color choice. Dark silver or British racing green would have seemed a more logical choice for such an aggressively styled and powered supercar, but then, we wouldn't be talking about its silver or green paintjob two months later, now would we?

The baby blue hue used on the V12 Vantage RS made a lot more sense when, a month later, Aston revealed it was reviving the classic Gulf racing livery for its Le Mans-challenging DBR9s, the same racing machine that donated its engine to the Vantage concept. But while it might have made sense to call the concept's color Gulf Blue, Aston instead opened up a contest to "name that hue". The results have since come in: "Mako Blue" was the name chosen, submitted by Mat Watson. Mako is not only the name of the fastest, most agile of sharks, but also the Maori name for "blue lightning".

Meanwhile Aston has also confirmed that if it finds enough potential customers, it could put the V12 Vantage RS into limited production. But while Mako Blue would likely be on the menu, most would probably go with silver or green. Follow the jump for the press release, and scope out the "Mako Blue" Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS in our gallery below.

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Mako Blue Chosen for V12 Vantage RS Concept

Mako Blue Chosen for V12 Vantage RS ConceptGaydon, 13.02.08. The newly housed Aston Martin Design team has selected a name for the colour of the company's V12 Vantage RS concept car, after inviting suggestions from the public at the opening of the company's new Design Studio last year.

The V12 Vantage RS was unveiled in December by Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ulrich Bez, who, during his speech, invited suggestions to name the colour of the concept. The Aston Martin design team was inundated with suggestions, and after careful consideration has selected 'Mako Blue' as the name of the concept colour.

Design Director, Marek Reichman said: "The name is taken from the Mako shark, which is the fastest and most agile shark known to man. We thought the name not only reflected the colour, but also that the nature of the shark was synonymous with the character of the car.

"The Maori translation for 'Mako' is 'Blue Lightning' which obviously is descriptive of both colour and car - a very befitting name."

Mat Watson, who penned the winning name added: "The name came to me instantly, when I first saw the car. There is a distinct parallel between the shark and the car – both being the fastest of their kind."

The environmentally sustainable Design Studio is the marque's first purpose-built and fully-owned design facility. The Vantage RS concept features a 600bhp 6.0 V12 engine and has been subjected to a weight-loss programme. The result is the fastest ever road-going Aston Martin.

Aston Martin is currently evaluating feedback from customers to the Vantage RS concept, with a view to a possible low-volume production run should sufficient demand exist.

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