Challenge X teams swing by Jay Leno's garage

Last spring we provided a bunch of coverage of Year Three of GM's Challenge X program. Challenge X is a GM-sponsored student competition where teams from universities all around North America use the company's global development process to convert a Chevrolet Equinox into a vehicle with some sort of alternative powertrain. The goal is for the teams to produce the most efficient vehicle while still meeting customer expectations for performance and refinement. Teams are currently gearing up for the final phase of the competition. One of this year's events was a road rally out in California that included an afternoon stop at Jay Leno's super garage. Leno has all manner of machinery in his garage including a 1906 Baker electric car and a biodiesel 2007 Corvette. In a post on the GMnext blog Mickey Bly talks about the competition, and the upcoming final event that will conclude with the championship announcement in Washington, DC in May. Micky is the director of hybrid vehicle integration at GM.

[Source: GMnext]

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