How to get 100 miles per gallon riding an off-road motorcycle

We love getting off the beaten path, whether that means hiking, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking or dirtbiking. Off-road motorcycles, though, are often horrible polluters which guzzle gas at an alarming rate. There are some companies creating electric dirtbikes, but they're still rather expensive. One possible solution to this problem would be to consider a used Honda Trail 90. Honda made these bikes available in the U.S. for many years, and some of our readers undoubtedly have memories of riding them as kids. The same fun you had back then can still be found today, and here's a story to prove that point.

According to the article, the Trail 90 was able to make it up the mountains of California and returned a stellar 100 miles per gallon along the way. Of course, there is more to being green than just sipping gas. If you're concerned with emissions, we would recommend looking for something newer that's EPA-approved for the road. Interestingly, though, many manufacturers use the same exact engine design from Honda in their bikes. Consider the MadAss, which is street-legal and emissions tested. The 50cc version of the bike will likely return gas mileage well over 100 miles per gallon. The 125 should do quite well on gas too, and will offer quite a bit more power if you plan to do any high-speed riding. Commute to work, enjoy the outdoors and save gas money all at the same time. Not a bad deal.

[Source: Cycle World, Pierspeed]

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