University professor says his "antibiotic" for yeast could increase ethanol production

Yeast, the thing that turns sugars into biofuels like ethanol, gets infections just like we do. Dennis Bayrock, microbiology Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, tells the Star Phoenix he is developing a chemical that is sort of like an "antibiotic" for yeast. The professor's invention stops bacteria from using the sugar, which could mean a few percent greater ethanol output and higher profits for companies. While there are similar chemicals already on the market, the professor says his is much better. The "antibiotic" is currently undergoing trials and major alcohol companies have expressed interest in using the product. It will still take a few years before this gets to market, though.

Yeast can get sick, huh? Ethanol companies should try chicken soup. That works for me.

[Source: Star Phoenix]

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