California speeders beware, CHiPs getting new unmarked Chargers

Drivers in California will need to start keeping their eyes peeled for a new profile as they cruise the freeways. The traditional Crown Vics have apparently been joined by a fleet of 88 new unmarked Dodge Chargers. The new cop cars were spotted at the Sacramento vehicle preparation facility that the California Highway Patrol uses to outfit new cars. Unlike the model that we recently drove, these are unlikely to draw much attention from onlookers before they pounce. Speaking of Dodge police vehicles, drivers traversing I-94 in the vicinity of Detroit Metro Airport should watch their velocity ,as police in that area have recently been spending an inordinate amount of time writing tickets. On the way to a meeting in Dearborn yesterday, there were four unmarked Dodges, including a pair of Magnums (one each in red and grey) and a pair of Chargers. Those Magnums have been in that same location three times in the past month.

[Source: Telstar Logistics, via Winding Road]

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