Dilbert creator Scott Adams hates on the Auto X-Prize, green car drivers

Scott Adams, the creator of the popular comic strip, Dilbert, is not a fan of green cars. His lack of enthusiasm for green autos probably comes from the fact he thinks global warming is taken out of proportion. Adams also seems to think that engineering a green car might not be possible.
In a post to his blog, Scott pokes fun at the Auto X-Prize, a contest with a prize of $10m for the creator of a 100 MPG car, saying the winning car will be too lightweight, not safe and -- for good measure -- ugly. Then he takes off the gloves and starts making fun of green car drivers. Scott says driving a green car is like driving around in a car that shouts, "I HAVE NEVER HAD SEX AND I NEVER WILL!" Adams knows actor Leonardo DiCaprio drives a hybrid, but he concludes his model girlfriends must make him wear two or three condoms.

Scott's criticisms of green car drivers don't stop at his blog. There are several Dilbert strips that make fun of driving a green car. This Sunday color comic strip, for example, says people that want to buy a fuel-efficient car don't know what the word fungible means. This black and white daily strip says SUV drivers should ram into hybrid cars.

[Source: Dilbert Blog]

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