Want the iMiEV in the U.S.? Sign the petition

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is one of the most exciting pure-electric projects discussed by a major automaker. For one thing, the numbers being tossed around for this city car are astounding: something around 100 miles per charge (depending on driving style) and 1,000 vehicles that might be ready for sale for €17,000 ($24,800US) in 2009 or 2010. The trouble is, for American drivers, that these vehicles are only going to be available in Japan and Europe (so far, Mitsubishi has only said "maybe" to U.S. sales of the i-MiEV).
So, what's the answer? An online petition organized by one Ben Robeson and tipped to AutoblogGreen by Steven L. The petition encourages Mitsubishi Motors North America to bring the i-MiEV here because "the American public is ready for this type of vehicle" (read the full text after the jump or sign on here). As Steven wrote to us, this call won't have a lot of impact unless there are a few thousand signatures, which might take a while. I can't tell when the petition was put online, but it currently has just 75 votes.

[Source: Petition Online]

Petition text:

To: Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.

We would like to encourage Mitsubishi to bring the i MiEV electric car to the United States of America. We feel there is sufficient demand for an affordable electric vehicle and the market is just waiting for a strong candidate to be sold. The attention that the Tesla Roadster and GM Volt prototype have received in national media are strong indications that the American public is ready for this type of vehicle, and Mitsubishi has shown that it has a good candidate for opening up this market in America.

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