Delaware man spends $675k on license plate 6

If we didn't know better, we'd think there was a lack of worthwhile ways to spend money on cars; what with all the apparently obscenely rich motorists out there dropping enormous amounts of money on license plates – the one part of the car that the rest of us take most for granted.

After the British tuner who spent $870k on UK's "F1" plate and the sheik who dropped $14.5 million on the UAE's number 1, Frank Vassallo IV of Wilmington, Delaware, just bought license plate number 6 for $675k at auction, and admittedly was prepared to spend up to a million. His family already owns Delaware plates 9, for which they paid $185k at auction in 1993, and number 27. "It's a family thing," explains Vassallo. "It's a Delaware thing." It's an I've got more money than I know what to do with thing, if you ask us. But hey, it's his money.

[Source: Delaware News Journal via Winding Road]

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