Air Car coming to America by 2009-2010, will cost $17,800

According to Green Business, the Air Car will arrive in the US by 2009 or 2010, courtesy of Zero Pollution Motors. The quirky alt-propulsion vehicle's anticipated $17,800 price tag includes standard safety equipment like airbags and ABS, along with the 75-horsepower compressed-air six-cylinder that gives the car its name. Brave envelope-pushers might even reach the Air Car's estimated 96 mph top speed. Drivers who aren't interested in treating it like a Mustang GT, however, should achieve fuel economy equivalent to 106 miles per gallon and have an operating range of 848 miles. The projected CO 2 emissions should be negligible (0.158 lbs/mile) when cruising at over 35 mph (the car uses small amounts of fossil fuel to get air in a heating chamber up to temperature at those speeds). Below that, it's expected be emissions-free, assuming the tech specs remain the same at the time the car reaches production. Until those are set in stone, the related performance and environmental numbers are subject to change.
[Source: Green Business]

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