CT Biodiesel plant's second public hearing generates more debate

We have mentioned CT Biodiesel's proposal to build a huge biodiesel production plant in Suffield, Connecticut - and all the problems and dissatisfactions this process has generated - before. Basically, during an earlier meeting, company officials bored an angry public for three hours and didn't let citizens speak until 11 p.m.

Recently, there was a second hearing where citizens could explain their points of view. And, as with most debates, there were two sides of the story. On one hand, some residents brought up all the shortcomings of having a big manufacturing facility near their homes: increased truck traffic, more accidents of drunk drivers hitting trains "fascinated by lights" (seriously) and devaluation of local real estate.

On the other hand, some residents were in favor of the biodiesel facility. One of them, who has solar panels and already uses biodiesel to heat her home and in her vehicle, considered the "moral factor" of an industry that produces a cleaner fuel and that tipped her scales in favor of the project.

ZPC Chairman Frank E. Bauchiero Jr. said Friday that he "was amazed at how many people spoke in favor of the application, and how many people just had general comments about the application."

There is a third hearing on March 6.


[Source: Journal Inquirer]

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