If you like to laugh at tiny neighborhood electric vehicles, take a look at the video above. It's got ZENN cars, Canadian comic Rick Mercer and a few good beer jokes. Of course, Mercer also makes the case for NEVs in this video, so don't expect simple ridicules of ZENN's vehicles. Instead, the Canadian government is the target of most of Mercer's wit. A Canadian government that doesn't allow Canadian-built cars to be sold in Canada deserves to be made fun of, Mercer figured when he recorded this bit back in November 2007. Of course, the legal situation is still in flux, as it's up to each province to declare whether these battery-powered boxes are OK on their streets. The comedy, though, is solid - especially the bit about what Canadians consider to be a week's worth of groceries.

The big question, though, is whether the joke may be on ZENN. In a recent interview, ZENN's CEO Ian Clifford is sticking with the updated EESTOR story, saying, "If they stay on schedule they are scheduled to deliver it in 2008." We've been waiting a long time for some sort of definitive news on this ultracapacitor, but nothing has materialized yet. Who will get the last laugh? Thanks to Domenick for the tip!

[Source: Alternative Energy]

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