Exhaustburger gives George Foreman a run for his money

Just last week the Autoblog team showed you how to cook ham and potatoes in your engine bay, and now a group of inventive Iranians have created a device that can cook burgers with your tail pipe. The device was created for the Dining in 2015 competition, and it uses the hot gases from your exhaust to heat up your favorite beef, chicken, or veggie patty without wasting any natural gas or electricity. The clam shell device completely separates the engine's noxious gas from your burger, too. Unfortunately, in an effort to protect your future meal from the elements, it doesn't look like there's a good place for the grease to escape from your beef burger. The end result is likely a fatty yet eco-friendly feast, unless you go veggie, which helps save the world and your arteries. All the Exhaustburger needs is an endorsement from George Foreman and Al Gore, and the meat-heating device will end up dangling from every car in the U.S., unless it's a Tesla.

[Source: TreeHugger]

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