Hyundai Superbowl ads improved brand awareness

Click above to view Hyundai's two Superbowl ads.

While we're hardly advertising analysts, of all the TV spots that we endured while watching the Superbowl, Hyundai's Genesis commercials seemed to be the most clear and cohesive (unlike some other automakers). Apparently, we weren't alone.

Nielsen's Online MegaPanel Survey crunched some of the data it captured from viewers during the game and found that Hyundai's spots were some of the best received. Overall, 43-percent of the people polled said that the ads improved their view of Hyundai's image, while 57-percent thought that the ads were informative – essentially telling them something new – and 45-percent thought the spots where "believable."

Hopefully some of that goodwill transfers over to dealerships when Hyundai launches the Genesis sedan later this year. It's certainly more of a game-changer than Audi's " old luxury" campaign and it may finally pull Hyundai's image out of the bargain-basement brand identity that it's so fervently trying to escape.

We've embedded Hyundai's Superbowl spots after the jump, along with their press release.

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The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.



FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., 02/18/2008 Hyundai's Super Bowl advertisements did the best job of boosting brand opinion according to two leading marketing research firms. The Nielsen Online MegaPanel Survey, post-game study showed that 43 percent of respondents had improved their opinion of the Hyundai brand – the highest of any automotive advertiser. In addition, in comScore's 2008 Super Bowl post-game survey, Hyundai garnered a 45 percent increase in net brand improvement, the highest figure of any Super Bowl advertiser.

"Our goal was not necessarily to entertain, but to inform, build awareness and position the car. We wanted to be thoughtful," said Joel Ewanick, vice president of Marketing for Hyundai Motor America. "The ads needed to breakthrough the clutter, give the viewer a quiet moment and differentiate Hyundai from what the other companies were doing and it clearly worked."

Nielsen's Online MegaPanel Survey Post-Game reported that 43 percent of the respondents said that Hyundai's Super Bowl ads had improved their opinion of the brand, 57 percent said that the ads told them something new and 45 percent indicated that the ads were believable. Hyundai's advertisements demonstrated the most positive brand impact of consumer opinion of all auto companies advertising during the Super Bowl according to the Nielsen survey.

comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, released the results of its annual post-game survey of U.S. Internet users who watched the Super Bowl. Hyundai's advertisements for the Genesis had the most positive impact on the brand of any Super Bowl advertiser.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners led the creative development. The two all-new spots are consistent in theme and tone with the "Think About It" campaign launched in September 2007. Focused on the all-new Hyundai Genesis rear-wheel drive luxury sedan, the ads challenged traditional assumptions about the luxury category, and positioned Genesis as a new standard in the upscale sedan category.

Hyundai Motor America, headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif. is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea. Hyundai vehicles are distributed throughout the United States by Hyundai Motor America and are sold and serviced by more than 780 Hyundai dealerships nationwide.

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