J-Spec Connect R35 Nissan GT-Rs in the USA

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How long does it take to pack and ship a container of cars from Japan to the United States? Apparently 10 weeks is about right. The brave few who choose to buy their R35 Nissan GT-Rs when they officially went on sale in Japan on December 6, 2007 are now receiving their cars. Not all those buyers ever intended to use their vehicles for mere transportation, though. Eager tuners want to have parts available to the masses when the US launch gets underway. Recently, Cobb Tuning posted photos on its blog showing its test mule being loaded into a container. It might be a little more time before they get their toy up and running around Miller Motorsports Park, but we know of some other cars that may be spied around the West Coast a bit sooner. J-Spec Connect has unloaded a pair of black and white Godzillas and the photographic proof is in the gallery below. With this news, it's certain that more engineering details will soon be analyzed, and perhaps some four wheel burnouts will get captured on video. We'll let know when you they surface in the blogosphere, only if we're not too busy laying rubber with a GT-R.

[Source: 2009gtr.com]

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