Mike Connor from Motor Trend apparently rubs elbows with all the right people, as his sources within the VW Group say that a second car for Bugatti developed under the title of Project Lydia is not going to happen, despite the rumor that we "cut-and-paste blogs" reported a few weeks ago (Thanks Mike, we think you're a big jerk, too). Project Lydia was supposed to be an extreme, track-focused version of the Veyron propelled by an even more powerful version of the brand's 8-liter quad-turbo W16 engine. Connor reports that while an "inch-thick dossier" on Lydia exists, execs decided it was redundant to build an even faster version of the Veyron. Instead, he claims Bugatti's second model will be a four-door sedan with a coupe profile that's powered by the Veyron's engine mounted up front. As far as we're concerned, Connor's tale of a Bugatti super sedan, which isn't new, is still a rumor like the one we reported about Project Lydia, so believe whoever you want.
[Source: Motor Trend]

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