Pininfarina-designed speedboats launch in Miami

With LA, Detroit and Chicago now behind us and the shows in Geneva and New York coming up, it seems like a good time to take a swing on down to Florida, where the Miami International Boat Show opens today. The show is a great spectacle for anyone with even a little saltwater mixed in with the octane in their blood – I went a couple of times as a kid – but what brings our attention to Miami this time is a pair of Pininfarina-designed speed boats being (literally) launched at the show.

Although both of these wave-skimming missiles are designed by the famous Italian house of style, built by American shipyards, and derived from offshore racing, the huge difference in size sets them far apart. The Challeger PF 36 Limited Edition (above), as its designation implies, measures 36' bow to stern. It's powered by a pair of supercharged 8.2-liter racing V8s producing 662 horsepower... each. That's enough to push the fully-loaded Challenger PF 36 to a top speed in excess of 95 mph.

The new Magnum 80' (right) is another story altogether. Built by the Miami-based company founded by legendary speedboat creator Don Aronow, the latest Magnum yacht to be designed by Pininfarina measures over twice as long as the Challenger. Fortunately, although a number of engine options are available, the show model has nearly four times as much power as the Challenger: twin turbodiesels pushing a staggering 2400hp apiece through Arneson surface drives, propelling this four-bedroom rocket to 60 mph.

We'll gladly take one of each for those rare opportunities to leave the traffic behind and get out speed on in sublime Italian style. Check out the images in the gallery below.

[Source: Italiaspeed]

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