Local officials debate allowing NEVs on streets

The Orlando Sentinel reports that administrator John Drury (above photo) is excited that the Tavares City Council is lifting restrictions on NEVs [neighborhood electric vehicles] and even putting in some charging stations. John says, "Wouldn't it be a fine day when people are driving NEVs to the train station, then take a train to downtown Orlando?" Corey Lamb of O-Cartz, which rents electric vehicles in Orlando for $3 a ride, says, "This is the way of the future. ... They're environmentally friendly. They're fun and they're safe."

South Alabama's Baldwin County Now reports that B.J. Johnson (yes, that's his real name) of Funny Cars of Gulf Shores, another EV renter, wishes he had it as easy as O-Cartz. B.J. has to prove that NEVs won't cause a problem to a skeptic in Councilman Robert Craft, who says, "Just the fact that it's different from a normal vehicle could present danger. ... I said it last time and I'm telling you now, I think it's a bad idea that is dangerous and unsafe with the congestion problems we already have throughout our peak times of the year."

B.J., a little advice from us to you: move to Orlando.

[Sources: Orlando Sentinel, Baldwin County Now]

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