Geneva 2008 preview: Morgan LifeCar, finally

Before even the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, the Morgan Motor company was talking about about the LifeCar, a concept vehicle they would be bringing to the 2008 event. Now that the calendar has brought us closer to Geneva 2008, we can get a better idea of what Morgan's LifeCar will look like on the stand.

The lightweight Morgan LifeCar blends the longstanding Morgan style with zero-emission technology that Morgan said "will allow a sporting driver of the future to demonstrate a concern for the environment." The hydrogen fuel cell-powered LifeCar (with regenerative brakes) is designed to blend the "characteristics of the fuel cell" into the architecture of the vehicle while still looking kind of like an Aero 8. Supposedly, should we be allowed to take this thing for a spin, we could go 200 miles per fill-up.

Morgan Motor Company worked with Oscar Automotive, Cranfield University, QinetiQ, Oxford University and Linde AG on the LifeCar. We'll have more details from Geneva, at the latest. There are images of previous LifeCar renderings after the jump.


[Source: Morgan Motor via Autoblog]

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