Paris Hilton trading in super cars for Yukon Hybrid

Paris Hilton has turned a new green leaf. Well, not including the partying, the drunken serenading, and the regrettable choice of film roles. But when it comes to vehicles, out have gone the SLRs, Bentleys, and other cars of the super variety, and in is coming a Yukon Hybrid. We know what the Hollywood embrace did for the Prius. Trendsetter that Paris is, this could be the beginning of a long love affair between the hybrid hauler and the screen set. Or not, Paris being as fickle as she is. The Escape Hybrid that she was given last summer didn't last too long, and the Hummer Hybrid she tried to have designed died as nothing more than an idea. We'll see if the Yukon lasts any longer.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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