Which green car technologies is Chrysler working on? Yes

Carlists's Lou Ann Hammond was recently part of what seems like a roundtable interview with Jim Press, the chairman and vice president of Chrysler. A four-minute video clip of that interview is now available over on Carlist and shows Press answering questions about the fate of the Two-Mode hybrid system that was once developed General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and BMW. Since the Daimler-Chrysler split, Chrysler has stepped in as partner while Daimler has gone on to focus on diesels. Hammon asks Press about which of the green technologies - diesel, flex-fuel, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell or pure eletric - Chrysler is focusing on. Press' answer: that's where we're putting our attention. "If you just bet on one, you may be disappointed," he said.
My favorite minor slip-up: Press says Chrysler has "bluetooth" bin 5 diesels (he meant Bluetec).

Watch the video here.

[Source: Carlist]

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