It seems like GM is finding the middle ground. When the Chevy Volt was first announced, a price tag of $30,000 was bandied about. Then, more recently, we heard that $40,000 was a possibility. Now, according to and confirmed by WIRED, GM is saying that the likely target is $35,000 (yes, that's U.S. dollars, not Canadian, even though the two are pretty even these days). Even though this is more than initially proposed, GM doesn't see it as a hurdle to bring out the first-gen models. GM spokesman Dee Allen told WIRED that, "We had set a target of $30,000, but if it comes in closer to $35,000 and it means meeting the 2010 deadline, that's the direction we're going to go."

According to GM, it's the power drain caused by things like the windshield wipers and audio system that's posing a problem. Without an alternator, the electricity needed by the stereo takes away power that could be going to turn the wheels. Allen said: "You really start taking away from the range when you're using 10-speaker audio systems, wipers. These systems need to be redone, and they are being redone." But not in time for 2010. First-gen Volts, GM says, will need to have "redundant systems," something that later models will probably not have.

[Source: WIRED]

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