No surprises: GM's Wagoner tells dealers that E-Flex will spread beyond Chevy

When GM gave the media background information on the Chevy Volt in the weeks leading up to its introduction at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, they made it clear that the intent was for the architecture to spread to other vehicles of various configurations. The E-Flex platform was always intended to be a mainstream powertrain system for the mass market. Anyone who expresses surprise at the thought of non-Chevrolet branded E-flex vehicles clearly hasn't been paying attention for the past 13 months. With E-Flex concepts now having debuted with Cadillac, Saturn and Opel badging in addition to Chevrolet and three distinct body styles, it's apparent that GM wants to capture economies of scale for this hardware as quickly as possible. This past weekend in San Francisco, GM Chairman Rick Wagoner said it yet again. During a meeting with dealers at the annual National Automobile Dealers Association meeting Wagoner mentioned that other brands were likely to get E-Flex vehicles. Given that every platform the company makes is shared (such as Chevy, Saturn, GMC and Buick variants of the Lambda CUVs) this much is obvious. The only real question is when?

[Source: Automotive News]

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