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Mowing your grass with a hybrid lawn mower

Hybrids seem to be everywhere these days, appearing on nearly every car lot in the United States and in most every car manufacturers product pipeline too (seem being an operative word, here). Still, hybrids are becoming so popular that even lawn-mowers are getting in on the action. Take a look at these mowers from Evatech, which range in capabilities from residential use all the way up to large-scale commercial applications. Not only are the mowers powered by the gas engine, electric motor or a combination of both, they are also radio controlled. The gasoline-powered engine is also used to recharge the batteries. Soon, they will even have a version with tracks for those extra-tough lawns. Relax while you are saving the environment from harmful emissions! Honestly, we'd prefer this mower if the entire system were electric, completely removing the need for gasoline and oil, but a hybrid is better than nothing. Take a good look at our gallery below.

[Source: Gizmag]

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