Ford recalling 180,000 vans and SUVs for two issues

Another day, another recall. This time it's Ford with two separate recalls that involve its big SUVs and full-size vans. The first affects 124,000 Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators built from 2007 to 2008. Apparently the spring system inside their door handles could break. While not a life threatening defect, Ford says there is the possibility of the latches opening in a side crash. No injuries or accidents have been attributed to the faulty door handle assemblies, but Ford will replace all those affected at no charge.

The second recall, which involves 57,000 E-Series full-size vans and 2007 Expeditions and Navigators with the 5.4L V8, is a bit more serious. The defective part is the engine's fuel rail crossover hose, which could crack and leak, potentially causing a fire. Again, no reports of injuries or accidents have been associated with the defective hose and dealers will replace them at no charge. If you've got an affected vehicle for either recall, contact your dealer ASAP and set up an appointment to have the parts in question replaced.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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