Wall Street Journal recently wrote a very positive article about small cars. The article is titled Tiny Cars Make It Big and starts off by saying "Finally, small is gaining some critical mass. After decades of lackluster sales in the bigger-is-better U.S. auto market, tiny cars are surging in popularity -- even as the overall auto industry declines." The Journal article includes a video (above) where a reporter goes to a construction site and asks construction workers if they would buy and they seemed open to the idea.

BMW's 1-Series, Verve, Mini Clubman, Yaris, Fit and Aveo were also mentioned in the article. There were also several comments in the video about the safety of the the Smart, which is expected to get a 4/5 star rating in government crash tests. As automakers try to reach the new 35 MPG CAFE standard and Americans become more concerned with fuel economy and the environment, our cars will get smaller. The question still remains, are we ready for small cars?

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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