NIP in Paris uses Piaggio MP3 scooters for taxi service

Many taxi drivers have made the switch to hybrid power because of reduced cost in fuel and for the promised environmental improvement, but as far as we know, there is only one taxi service using Piaggio MP3 scooters to lug passengers and their cargo around. The service is known as NIP Bike and is available only in Paris at this time. Whether or not the company has plans to branch out into other areas we don't know. The service might only be able to accept one passenger at a time, but the luggage capacity is pretty stout with both side cases and a 42 liter Piaggio top case available.

Tom Tom provides navigation advice to the driver, meaning that a direct route to the final destination should always be taken. The rider and passenger can speak to each other using bluetooth equipped helmets from Nolan. Would you be willing to take a taxi service on the back of a scooter?

[Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane]

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