Banana methane will power cars in Australia

We have already covered different methods of obtaining methane by fermenting (or better, digesting) some kind of vegetable. But we haven't yet gotten to banana waste. Growcom, one of Australia's leading horticulture organisations is going from the prototype stage to a commercial plant that transforms banana waste into biomethane, which then will be used in vehicles powered by natural gas.

The processing plant basically consists in an anaerobic digester which treats the banana waste. There's more to it than that, as project manager and Growcom board member Keith Noble said, "An over-riding principle of the project has been to use locally available materials and expertise wherever possible. The system must also integrate with existing farm practices. If on-farm digesters are to have a commercial future they must add to farm efficiency and be simple to operate."

Just in case you wondered, it takes two weeks for the reactors to start producing methane.

[Source: NGV Global]

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