Does the Archbishop of Canterbury drive a Civic or Prius hybrid?

The Archbishop of Canterbury is in the middle of a large controversy because of things he said about Sharia law. This is AutoblogGreen, so we are interested in what he drives. According to the Sun, a "perk" of being the Archbishop of Canterbury is: "chauffeur to appointments in a green Toyota Prius." That may not be correct as the BBC reports the Archbishop, Rowan Williams, drives a Civic hybrid. Virtue Online also says, "Dr Williams practises what he preaches and has already changed his predecessor's car for the environmentally-friendly Honda Civic hybrid, a car similar to the Toyota Prius, the hybrid petrol-electric car used by a number of Government ministers." So, on the list of famous celebrities that drive hybrids, add the head of England's church and the head of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Be sure to put an asterisk noting Civic or Prius hybrid. Below the fold is a Christmas video message from the Archbishop on sustainability.

[Source: The Sun, BBC, Virtue Online]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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