OCC introduces two new production bikes, including first bagger

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Despite the fact that the Orange County Choppers television show has been on for years now and the shop's top mechanic, Vinnie, has left for good, the public still loves the Teutels. No matter what you may think of their theme bikes, there's no denyiny that an OCC bike draws plenty of attention. Those who are willing to pay for that attention can buy one of their production machines full of OCC logos and custom touches, and they have recently added two new models to their line, a bagger and a bike known as "Sweet Amber". Today we'll take a peak at the as-yet-unnamed bagger, which looks pretty sinister above in all black. We like the usability that a custom bagger offers without sacrificing the look of a custom bike. Corbin Fleetliner bags provide 40 liters of storage and hide the exhaust pipes, leaving just the aft openings visible. The rear tire is a reasonable 240 mm, which, along with the livable rake and trail measurements, should provide a decent handling machine.

What is most exciting about this bike is the powerplant, which is the first application of S&S's X-Wedge engine in a rubber mount, meaning that this should be a smooth runner. Other user-friendly touches are included in the fairing, with a low smoked windshield and a jack with speakers for your iPod. Here's the bad news: they plan on selling the machine for around $50 grand. That's quite a chunk of change, but might be worth it considering that a stock Harley bagger is often more than half that amount. We have gathered some photos courtesy of Motorcycle USA and included them below, so be sure to take a look.

[Source: Motorcycle USA]

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