Could ethanol become a classroom political issue?

Teachers, start your biofuel engines. The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) is providing one free pack of ethanol promotional items to educators. On the EPIC website, the item list for the packs says they contain the following:
  • 50 Minute Educational Units (Crossover to 5 different subjects)
  • 30 "Pump Ethanol" Books - an insightful story about how corn is produced to fuel America
  • 30 Environmental Window Clings
  • 30 Embroidered Athletic Wristbands
  • 4 Children's T-shirts (2 girls and 2 boys)
  • 5 Matchbox Indy Cars
  • 1 Poster/Game Board
  • Activity Sheets (Crossword and Wordfind)
  • Multiple Coloring Pages
  • Interactive CD containing a fun educational animated video and PDFs of all the handout materials
EPIC says that these "Go Green Racer Educational Fun Packs" can help "encourage students to learn more about renewable fuels and the role they play in being good stewards of the earth. Games to coloring pages, there is something fun for everyone in your class."

So, what's with my headline? As political observers know, a lot of issues easily become something like punching bags when brought into classrooms, with evolution vs. creationism being the big one here. While ethanol production doesn't have nearly the same emotional resonance as religion - and I'm not against children learning about the potential of biofuels - something tells me these "Fun Packs" don't present a very complete picture of the ethanol story. Just an inkling.

[Source: EPIC via Domestic Fuel]

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