The Aquabats, whose members hail from "the distant island of Aquabania," is a SoCal band that has recently turned its talents to television. Having recently filmed a pilot, the band is unloading the RV to help pay for costs. The 1975 Winnebago -- looking like a lately resurrected extra from the original Batman series -- has been extensively modified for modern-day superhero duty.

Mods: a third axle was installed "to support this battle ready vehicle for turbo speeds and the use of rocket thrusters." A glass, rooftop dome allows 360-degree visibility of bad guys. The split door hatch on the driver's side is for "motorcycles or personal hovercraft." And the giant AquaSpoiler keeps the battle tank on the ground when it's doing rocket-propelled speeds. Step aside, KITT. It can all be yours for $10,000. But as the ad states, "disco ball and .60-caliber ammunition not included." Neither, we assume, is rocket fuel. Thanks for the tip, Joseph!

[Source: craigslist]

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