Hybrid Malibu TV commercial featuring Mary J. Blige to debut at the Grammys?

Recently, we told you GM shelved a hybrid Malibu TV ad to air in the Superbowl. MediaPost is reporting that GM will "advertise during the show (Grammys), with commercials - including one starring Mary J. Blige - that tout the Chevy Malibu and GM's "Gas Friendly to Gas Free" campaign." Is that Malibu ad for the hybrid version of the car? We will tell you after the Grammys (now with writers!) air February 10th.

This won't be Mary's first advertising gig with GM. Mary was also a part of GM's celebrity-packed show at last year's Detroit Auto Show. Whatever GM has in store for us on Grammy night, it can't be as unflattering as using the Greek character of Sisyphus in their Superbowl Yukon Hybrid ad. Someone please tell GM that Sisyphus' pushing that stone symbolizes unending, pointless punishment.


[Source: MediaPost]

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