Zotye electric SUV: $20,000, highway speed, 100-mile range and just 60 DAYS AWAY!

I was watching a new report about Arkansas' first electric car dealership, Electric Transportation of Arkansas (you can see it for yourself below the fold). Electric car dealerships that sell low speed electric vehicles you can legally drive around most neighborhoods aren't anything new in the U.S. I was almost not going to write about it ... until the newscaster says the ETA will sell a highway-speed electric SUV for $20,000 with 100-mile range!

The ETA site just has a pdf about the car but the Spark EV site says the SUV, called Zotye, is talking orders RIGHT NOW for delivery in just 60 DAYS. Even more unbelievable is that the Spark EV site says a " fuel cell" upgrade will be available this August. I looked for more information and only found another similar, recent news report about Electric Transportation of Arkansas and Zotye. The company that makes Zotye is apparently Chinese and got clearance to go on the highway.

If anyone knows anything else, please post it in comments or see our contact page. We're quite interested in anything you have on this one! If it's actually released, the Zotye will be a very important first.

[Source: Spark EV tipster tim mcleod]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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