Vectrix and Tesla together? It's not beyond the realm of possibility

With Vectrix's electric scooter's sales extremely disappointing there are plenty of questions about where the company goes from here. One interesting possibility could be a tie-up with Tesla Motors. Besides the price ($12,000!), range and performance are among the other complaints about the two wheelers. Tesla on the other hand has their own issues to deal with. If they do get production of the Roadster kicked off in March as they plan, they will still have only one vehicle to sell in their stores for at least a couple of years until the WhiteStar sedan becomes a reality. Tesla has developed a lot of expertise in the area of electric vehicle performance. If Tesla's engineers were to work with Vectrix, they could potentially make the scooter more appealing to customers. While driving the Roadster recently in California, I raised the idea of some kind of cooperation with Aaron Platshon. Aaron said that the idea was interesting and had been raised before, but no discussions had taken place and none where planned. Nothing is currently in motion, but it's an interesting idea to consider.

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