The Kneeslider: Are motorcycles the future of performance?

We feel like we're ahead of the curve on this one, but Paul Crowe over at The Kneeslider has posted an editorial questioning whether or not performance cars are an endangered species. Considering that CAFE rules are becoming ever more stringent, cars like the Corvette are likely to move to smaller, more efficient motors and correspondingly lightweight chassis architecture. Heck, even the Camaro could get a hybrid option in the near future.

The question posed by Crowe is whether or not motorcycles will make up for the lack of high-performance cars. We think the answer is a resounding maybe. A few speed-addicts might make a move towards two wheels, but the market for fast cars is not going to go anywhere. Remember the muscle car? That era ended a long time ago, but the desire for the vehicles has not gone anywhere, in fact they are more desirable now than ever before. What's more, technology is already in place which will allow high performance and high economy. So, just as some people are switching to two wheels for economy, some might switch to two wheels for performance. With motorcycles, though, a few will have their cake and eat it too.

[Source: The Kneeslider]

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