Instructable of the day: making sandals from used tires

The subject of tire recycling is one that has come up here before, but we didn't really offer up any useful suggestions for the average reader on what to do. Let's change all of that with our latest Instructable of the day. Used tires still have lots of life left in them if you are willing to get a little creative. As you can see by the links at the end of this post, quite a few people have come up with this idea already, but it's new to us. The general plan goes like this: trace out a pattern of your foot, trace that pattern on the tire and cut it out. Glue some sort of foot-bed onto the tire cutout and attach straps. Want instructions that are a bit more specific? See here, here or here. We like the idea of promoting walking and recycling tires at the same time.

[Source: Instructables]

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