Bugatti: "the next one will be even more expensive"

What's next in the Bugatti pipeline?

Rumors of Bugatti's demise have been greatly exaggerated, while rumors of a second Bugatti model have been confirmed. In a recent interview with an Arabian Gulf journal, Bugatti spokesman Julius Kruta revealed: "Even though it is not economically viable for us, we will do it again. We have bigger plans for the future and the next one from our stables will be even more expensive than the Veyron."

The use of the word "next" by industrial giant VW suggests that Bugatti is not preparing only one more model, but several. Previous reports suggested that Bugatti was working on Project Lydia, a track-oriented hyper-ultra-super-duper-car to eclipse even the Veyron's performance figures, although there are rumors that future models from the pinnacle automaker could include an ├╝ber-luxury super-sedan, a smaller high-performance sports/luxury sedan and a $200k supercar. Although the first of those three would likely be positioned above Bentley's flagship Arnage, the second and third would provide direct competition for other products from the VW Group, like the Lamborghini Gallardo on the one hand and the Audi RS6 on the other...not that poaching each other's products has ever stopped Volks before. With the prospect of an expanding Bugatti looming on the horizon, we doubt anyone will take notice.

[Source: Emirates Business 24|7]

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