Recently, I told you about an episode of ABC's Boston Legal that mentions the Hummer, Prius "dust to dust" comparison study (i.e., the one that says a Hummer is greener than a Prius). The appearance of the discredited study in a top-rated, prime time, network TV show got some attention, so I thought you might like to know more about the episode.

The Green Christmas episode also includes references to studies that say walking is more polluting than driving and a tank fuel of ethanol is equal to food for a year. You can watch the mentions of these items in the closing arguments in the video above. The law firm, being sued for green washing, argues these studies are confusing and contradictory, which leads to feelings of futility and being overwhelmed.

Wondering how the story ends? SPOILER ALERT: The law firm wins the case.

[Source: ABC]

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