We wrote yesterday how GM was wavering on placing Super Bowl ads for the Malibu and Vue hybrids because the company wasn't sure there would be enough supply to meet an expected increase in demand. Looks like GM ad buyers don't have the same worries about the GMC Yukon hybrid. Automotive News (subs req'd) is reporting that a 60-second Super Bowl ad for the 21-mpg hybrid SUV will air this Sunday. It's the first GMC ad to air in a Super Bowl in six years. AN says that the animated GMC spot will replace a minute that had been set aside for Chevy.

You can catch a preview of the ad in the video above. This video is called Sisyphus and is a 1976 short by the Hungarian animator Marcell Jankovics. GM will use the imagery from this classic video and adds a narrator who says: "Why push? Why change? Why grow? Why dream?" according to AN.

[Source: Automotive News / Mary Connelly]

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