Spy Shots: Volkswagen Taro pickup?

A couple of spy shots have been circulating the web today, purportedly confirming that Volkswagen is indeed developing a pickup truck. The Toyota Hilux shaped mule is sporting registration plates from Brunswig, Germany, where most of VW's test vehicles originate.
Thankfully, Mr. Levine over at PickupTruck.com has parsed out all the possibilities for the new V-dub and has come away with two separate speculations. The first is that Volkswagen is going to sell a rebadged Hilux as its own, something that it's done in the past when it partnered with Toyota to produce the Hilux-based Taro from 1989 to 1994. The other possibility is that VW is using the Hilux body panels as camo, with an original platform underneath.

World Car Fans believes the latter and expects the truck to go on sale towards the end of 2009, initially in Europe and South American and powered by either a gasoline or diesel mill, with the possibility of VW introducing the pickup to buyers in the U.S. at a later date.

[Source: Pickuptruck.com]

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