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Porsche accelerating fuel economy efforts

Based on the claims Porsche as made about the hybrid system that they have developed for the upcoming Panamera and next generation Cayenne, they seem to be pretty advanced as far as parallel setups go. However, Porsches currently burn enough gasoline to be a serious problem with the new European CO2 limits. As a result the German manufacturer is actively recruiting engineers with experience on hybrid systems to help develop new state of the art hybrid technology. The company is evidently running want ads in Britain's Financial Times.
Porsche is also looking at other ways to reduce fuel consumption including weight reductions like the magnesium doors on the new Panamera. They are also adding direct fuel injection to their engines which should provide a boost in both power and efficiency. In the past Porsche has been openly dismissive of diesel engines saying their weight and torque characteristics was incompatible with its cars. However, the success of newer high-performance diesels such as the Audis and Peugeots at Le Mans - as well as on the road - may be causing them to revisit that attitude too.

[Source: Just-Auto - Sub. req'd]

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